Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sketch a Day pt.3

Here are the sketch a day for the first half of July ~_~! 

Day 01- If I only had the nerve

Day 02- my last pet

Day 03- Abraham Lincoln

Day 04-Candyman

Day 05- The lonely Goatherd

Day 06- Victorian house

Day 07- machines don't get fat 

Day 08- making babies

Day 09- if you and George Clooney had a baby...

Day 10- Oh shit...

Day 11- 7/11

Day 12- An apple a day

Day 13- Popsicles

Day 14- match your favorite current living artist's style 

Day 15- grandpa's place

Day 16- Bold Statement

Day 17-favorite Pokemon 

Day 18- last day to live...what do. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sketch a Day Pt.2

Here are the rest of the sketches for the month of June :) 
Day 17- Pterodactyl 

Day 18- Toaster 

Day 19 Do a master copy

Day 20 mix tape

Day 21 Pink Hat

Day 22 Late

Day 23 Skeleton

Day 24 Old west 

Day 25 Mucha

Day 26 Lame birthday

Day 27 Van Gogh

Day 28 A thousand women

Day 29 Pancakes