Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sketch a Day pt.5

Hooray! Finally finished our summer Sketch-a-day! 

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Day 01: Picnic

Day 02: Chickens

Day 03: a scene from a book you read

Day 04: Draw a before and after

Day 05: Favorite Drink

Day 06: Zombie Fruit 

Day 07: Famous Fairytale

Day 08: Unknown Fairytale 

Day 09: Hotel

Day 10: Magazine Cover

Day 11: 1950's
Day 12: Favorite Food

Day 13:Body Piercing

Day 14: Sleep

Day 15: Not sleeping

Day 16: Worst movie scene redesigned

Day 17: France

Day 18: Random Site from Google Earth

Day 19: Hipster

Day 20: Whatever you want! 

Total: 80 days! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sketch a day pt.4

It's the end of July! So here's an update of the rest of the sketch a days. 
Day 19: Amor

Day 20: Dessert 

Day 21: Jack in the box

Day 22: I have a face only a mother could love

Day 23: Friends 

Day 24: Time travel to your favortie period

Day 25: Kuwait

Day 26: Luchadore

Day 27: Draw someone you don't want to draw

Day 28: Wait for fate? or fate makes you wait?

Day 29: Trophy 

Day 30 The worst pies in London

Day 31: Hug 

 These were for some personal projects that I did on the side :)

A cleaned up version of the sketch from Day 14 of July.