Sunday, October 2, 2011

APE 2011 :D

This year, i decided to go to Ape to check out all the artist booth and buy some cool artworks. So I took Michael and we drove down to SF.  When we arrived there, there was no long lines or any hassle which made it so much more pleasant. We just grabbed our tickets and started exploring the place. 

We met up with Race and we made our stop at a drawing booth.


my shark man. 

Michvong taking a shot at it. 

Race's viking. 

Adventure Time Booth
We were very lucky to be able to meet the animators and character designer from adventure time! they were giving out free adventure time sketches! so we took the opportunity and asked for a sketch :D

I asked for prince gumball XD 

Danny fanboying ;) 

We stopped by this booth when we saw this and asked for a caricature. 

The artist 

the sketch. haha it was fun for a $1. 

Michael got a sketch of us as zombies. LOL

 Scott Campell
For those who don't know him, here is his website. So go check out his work! I was able to grab his book which is a collection of some of his works. He mostly works in watercolors and his stuff is really cute and fun to look at. 

Ted Methot 
I was really interested when i passed by these books. I feel in love with the covers and the artwork so i grabbed them both. I started reading them and man,.... I regret not grabbing the other volumes! It's a really interesting story and beautifully told! 

Daniela Strijleva, Katy Wu, and Jennifer C. Chang
I believe they all work at Pixar and I really liked how they made the book. They would each get a theme of two words and then design an illustration based on the word. It was really cute and I felt that this book was more cute and fun then their second one. 

"window and time"

"icy and sweet"

"steam and window" 

Tomas Overbai
I bought this book because I really liked the character designs in this one and the mechas. The artist told me that he was hoping to make it into a comic book soon so I'll keep an eye out for it. 

The only prints that i bought was were from Shelly Wan( her blogspot). the mermaid one is my favorite because of the pretty soft colors :) 

Overall, fun time and it was a day well spent!