Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sketch a Day pt.3

Here are the sketch a day for the first half of July ~_~! 

Day 01- If I only had the nerve

Day 02- my last pet

Day 03- Abraham Lincoln

Day 04-Candyman

Day 05- The lonely Goatherd

Day 06- Victorian house

Day 07- machines don't get fat 

Day 08- making babies

Day 09- if you and George Clooney had a baby...

Day 10- Oh shit...

Day 11- 7/11

Day 12- An apple a day

Day 13- Popsicles

Day 14- match your favorite current living artist's style 

Day 15- grandpa's place

Day 16- Bold Statement

Day 17-favorite Pokemon 

Day 18- last day to live...what do. 

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