Saturday, July 2, 2011

speed painting#1-5

After finally getting a tablet, I've started speed painting for the summer :) It's a really fun process but to tell you the's a lot harder than it looks.

SP#1: Ocean scene (1hour).

looking back at this, I can see that a lot of the colors that I chose was way too saturated. the color of the ocean, the palm tree, the purple in the ocean,  the sand.  Some of the values also needed to be lighter and darker such as the shadow of the palm tree which needed to be darker in value. the bottom of the clouds also needed that a darker value of blue. The sky could have been a bit cooler. In mines I have mine a bit on the warm side. 

Day#2: Lighthouse (1 hour)
the light house was really difficult to do. It was really hard to eyeball the colors of the light house and match the colors and value but I did my best. the grass is off in color. It should be more of a cool brown whereas in mines I have too much of a warm tan. i am happy with the color of the sky because I got a close enough color to the original picture but it should have been a lighter of purple on the bottom and a darker value on top. Hmm now that I think about it...the color that I have it a bit too blue. it needs to be a bit more purple. Oh yeah, clouds are hard to paint. =_=. 

Day #3: Lake mountain(1 hour)
  I had a lot more fun with this photo for some reason. haha.maybe because I'm happy with the result. I made the whole image a bit too blurry though but it showed that I wasn't focusing on the details :)  The grass needs to be  darker value. I also had trouble adding that gradation in the sky. I couldn't get it to be as smooth and it just looked like the mountain was glowing =_=. The rocks on the mountain needs to be darker and less saturated.

day#4: pyramids(1 hour)
 getting the color for sand right is just plain hard. haha I don't know. for me it's just hard to eyeball the color of  brownish colors than the other colors. the shadow of the pyramids needs to be more on the cool side (blueish). The values also need to be a lot darker. The color of the sand needs to be less saturated.

Day#5: orange mountains(1 hour)
 This was an interesting one to do because it's mostly an orange hue. i had a hard time trying to get that orange color though. Looking at mines I can see that the orange is too saturated and orange! Top left needs t be a darker value. It also needs to have more of a dusty mauve color to it. hmmm the third hill and the hill all the way in the background needs to be a bit darker.


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