Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new books: Stephen Sliver

I was lucky to purchase some new books from my friend Sam who accidentally ordered the Stephen Sliver's bundle package twice. In the bundle it consist of three books: 

This was my favorite of the three. It might have been the lovely red cover that made me like it. It was bulky and full of wonderful images of figure drawings that he had done.  It was great to see the range of realistic to cartoony figures that he could conjure up with.

The second one was more about character designs that he had done. Full blown colored illustrations.  Least favorite because it wasn't as bulky as the passion for life but it was still an enjoyment to look through. 

Sadly he ran out of the art of sliver book so he gave us this book instead but I didn't mind because this was also one of my favorites.It was fun to look at  and  interesting to see his depiction of the people he saw. The medium he uses ranges from markers to pencil. The way he composed his page was also visually appealing and plain awesome. 


  1. LOVE!!! This is awesome.
    Dude, Diem, your library is so intense!! ^^

  2. Thanks jon :-) LOL I wish I had an intense library but it hurts on the wallet :(...You should start showing your art books!