Thursday, September 22, 2011

painting outside for class#2

Today we went out to paint palm trees for class yay! :D 
had a hard time though cause =_= I didn't understand what we were suppose to do.

the wash. 
here's Inga and Jon. 

the classmates. 

The final results :-/ Didn't really like the leaves...They don't look right...sigh I wanna try again and do better! 

Fernando being shy =_=. 

and showing off his mustache keke

Race and Jessica being sexy 

everyone cleaning up. 

and finally Jon and Patrick trying to show off their love for each other and challenging me and Catharina. LOL 



  1. LOLOLOLOLOL Love the post!!! LOVE!!! >:D

    hahaha btw, I really like the texture on the trunk of your tree; very beautiful! ^^

    Keep up the awesome blogging! :D

  2. thanks Jon! >:D We gotta beast it out!