Sunday, September 18, 2011

New item: Daiso Brush pen

On Saturday, Me and my friend Jon went to Daiso to take advantage of their cheap prices. Of course, we went wild and bought a lot of stuff we didn't need.  For one of my purchases I bought 3 of their brush pens  after Jon recommended them to me. what the heck right? just a $1.50.

so I opened the little thing and used it...and after a while...

I fell in love with this brush pen...... and the price... makes me love it even more to a higher freaking level. 

The brush stroke can vary to very thin and large broad strokes. The ink came out smooth and didn't cause any problems. The only sad thing about this is that you can't refill it but what the heck right? it's just 1.50$ to purchase a new one. BAWHAHAHA  This will be my new favorite pen for a while so thank you Daiso for being Awesome. 

"I like it very much" 


  1. LOL I'm glad you like the pen. ^^ I have yet to open any of the pens that I bought at Daiso, they have become precious. XD But they're legit, right??

  2. Aw damn, I was in Santana Row the other day, I could've got some!

  3. I know this is an old post but I was googling on how to make it start working? I barely opened it xD