Saturday, September 24, 2011

new books: Yuki7

 I discovered these books after watching a recent short film called "looks that kill". It was a great short and I was interested in finding out more about yuki7 so I went on their website....Only to find that they had a book bundle. So I took the chance and I bought it. 

Yuki7: looks that kill.
The book is almost like a children's book where there's text and an illustration that follows it. What makes this book unique is that it's just not one artist that's doing the artwork but a compilation of artistes. 

the books came with these cool prints :) 

Here's the cover page and it comes with a clear dust jacket which I thought was really nice :-)

and here are some of the art work in the book

it also came with a DVD of the short flim. :D 

Yuki7:Seductive Espionage
This book was a bit different from looks that kill. Instead of a story illustration it's more of a history of yuki7. 

the cover with a interesting dust jacket band.

The artwork: 

Near the end of the book there was a section called "production journal" which was the creator's process and thoughts on creating yuki7. it included some sketches as well as thumbnails. 

overall, glad I bought the books. Great artwork and inspiring to look at :) 

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